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Universal Experts carries out an individual approach to the organization and management of investment projects, including the integration of high-performance business processes with logistics. The company's activity is focused on the effective use and multiplication of clients' funds and resources with legal support of transactions and insurance of risks at all stages of the business partnership, with the protection of interests in public authorities and public administration.

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Verification of business in various fields of activity - mandatory audit, external / internal audit, audit of financial transactions.
Assistance in matters of business organization, assistance in finding new solutions necessary for long-term development.
Detailed study of the company's condition, identification of factors affecting the value of the company and determining the prospects for improving the situation.
Financial planning
Planning of income and directions of spending money. Selection of effective sources for the formation of financial resources and beneficial options for their use.
Crisis management
The system of measures of anti-crisis management is aimed at developing strategic solutions for the improvement of economic, financial and economic activities.
International law
Consultations, drawing up and development of international contracts, support of international transactions and foreign economic activity.


The maximum deposit rate of the largest banks fell sharply


Sberbank and four other banks threw it back to a new historic low of 6.05%. The weighted average maximum deposit rate in the 10 largest banks by the size of deposits of the population for the first ten days of June was reduced by 0.22 percentage points (point of interest) to 6.05% per annum, according to the Central Bank. In May, this rate decreased significantly more slowly - by 0.05 percentage points for the decade....

Saving an ordinary oil refinery: how the government will support independent oil workers


The government will give a chance to some of the independent refineries to avoid closure due to tax maneuver - the privilege will allow them to return about 45 billion rubles. Support can be received by the factories of the largest private refiner - the New Stream group. The government decided to support a group of small oil refineries, which may be closed due to the completion of the tax maneuver in the oil industry...

The Ministry of Finance approved the privatization of state companies for the implementation of the May decree


The state can sell even part of the shares of Sberbank.
The Ministry of Finance supports the idea of ​​directing funds from the privatization of state companies to implement the presidential decree on the development of the country until 2024. In total, 25 trillion rubles are required for these purposes, 8 trillion of which are yet to be found...

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